Love, laughter & tickels

This is my favourite part of the session with 9 month old Aarush I did last month. Father & baby shots can be a real challenge in most of the sessions, one they are not very comfortable with the camera and are hardly interested in getting themselves captured. But, I always push them to get into the frame with their babies. Every parent deserves to have beautiful photographs of their baby, but you know what? The babies deserve to have photographs that show just how much they are loved and cared for. My favorite part about each of my family session is letting my clients be who they are; letting them have fun with their kids & capturing the moments they can’t get back. The images were shot at my studio using canon 5D Mark III & 50mm lens.

8 month old cuteness!

I love these sweet & simple sessions. This little man was so sweet and full of personality! I focused on emphasising his fun expressions and new developments, crawling up on his knees, his big wide eyes and lovely first curls. I am simply in love with all of his fun expressions! The images were shot at my studio using 5d Mark III and 50mm.

Babies. Cake. Mess

Childhood is a time of wonder – and not just for your little ones! One minute you celebrate their arrival into the world and in the next you are planning their first birthday party. Time doesn’t slow down. In the blink of an eye those moments are gone. But it needn’t be that way and that’s its important to preserve those wonderful occasions to keep the memories stylishly vivid for all time. And I decided to make it fun too. Babies. Cake. Mess. Three words that spell fun and a real opportunity to create a memorable photoshoot for that special 1st or 2nd birthday. Trash The Cake sessions are a real favourite for both parents and babies alike – and I have to admit they’re always a highlight for me too! So let the baby have fun with a messy cake smash session on his/her birthday. The session includes a backdrop setup, a customised cake, 30-40 minutes photo session, and a series of images compiled in a photo book. For pricing and other details email

Wednesday love

Mid week surprises! The images were shot for Dhriti’s newborn session using 5D Mark III and 50mm lens.

Everyday is a Mother’s Day

The first weekend of May – two perfect days for a Mommy and Me session, especially with Mother’s Day right around the corner. The one thing I find most important while capturing mother and baby sessions, is in order to get that truly organic feel, one must be patient and must let the two interact. I did 10 mini sessions in two days and I cannot tell you how much of a joy it was to capture these moments. Each session made me feel that the love between the mothers and their babies is untouchable, undeniable, and completely and utterly beautiful – all one had to do was sit back and observe.

Toddler Session with Aryaveer

Toddler sessions are supposed to be the most difficult ones. They don’t listen to instructions, move all the time, run away from you whenever they can, drive their parents crazy, throw ​the props away and probably hate all of the brilliant ideas that have been​ ​carefully prepared when for the shoot. I have to admit that every single thing in this list is true (and can be even worse in real life). But I am going to say something and I will say it out loud: toddlers are my favourite subject to photograph. They are wild, full of energy, their personality is blooming… and they are authentic and natural because they don’t know anything else.​ ​Its​ ​a dream! The outdoor session with 2 year old Aryaveer did start on a difficult note, the boy came in with a super cranky mood and it took an hour for his parents and me to make him ready for the shoot. And after I let him lead the way, he was happier and more engaged. The resulting images were of course, less than traditional, but the value is lasting in a way that the perfect traditional photo just never could. The 2 hour […]

Mia and family

Last summer, I photographed this wonderful little girl, Mia. I loved the wonderment of this cute one year old in each of her portrait. The family portraits are totally precious. Not only they are lovely to look at, but think about how the special sentiment they will carry when this little girl grows up and can look back at the comfort and support she had with her parents… it’s priceless! The images were shot at Mia’s home in Delhi with Canon 6D, 50mm 1.4 lens and tons of love and laughter.