Toddler Session with Aryaveer

Toddler sessions are supposed to be the most difficult ones. They don’t listen to instructions, move all the time, run away from you whenever they can, drive their parents crazy, throw ​the props away and probably hate all of the brilliant ideas that have been​ ​carefully prepared when for the shoot. I have to admit that every single thing in this list is true (and can be even worse in real life).

But I am going to say something and I will say it out loud: toddlers are my favourite subject to photograph. They are wild, full of energy, their personality is blooming… and they are authentic and natural because they don’t know anything else.​ ​Its​ ​a dream!

The outdoor session with 2 year old Aryaveer did start on a difficult note, the boy came in with a super cranky mood and it took an hour for his parents and me to make him ready for the shoot. And after I let him lead the way, he was happier and more engaged. The resulting images were of course, less than traditional, but the value is lasting in a way that the perfect traditional photo just never could.




The 2 hour session with him was totally energetic and unpredictable – Aryaveer was quiet and content one moment and running wild the next.
At times he listened to me, and other times, he simply followed the beat of his own drum.



After some running around and playing he was very comfortable with the camera and could understand what we were upto,
I could even convince him to dress up for small nerdy session towards the end 🙂



The parents usually get tense during toddler sessions as they don’t listen to instructions. If I’m fortunate enough to photograph your toddlers, please don’t ever apologize for their behavior. They’re not being bad. They didn’t come to the session with a secret plan to sabotage the photos. They’re simply just being who they are. And I promise you that this will produce far better photographs and memories than the ones we could have envisioned. Tension shows in photographs, and you pass it on to your kids as well, so the more relaxed you and your spouse are, the better the experience for the whole family and the better the photos!

So go ahead, pack an extra outfit for their session, and then let them splash about in a puddle, chase a butterfly or even dig in the dirt. Childhood is fleeting and these are the photos you’ll cherish when they’re grown.

The images were shot at Lodhi Gardens, Delhi with 6D, 50mm 1.4 and 24-70 lens.

About the Author:
Neha Malhotra is the founder of TinyLove Photography specializing in Newborn, Child, Maternity & Family photography services. Her photography is fun, untraditional and totally unscripted. Write to her at for any information on booking your sessions .


  1. Jasmine
    September 21, 2017

    Hi i want a small photosession of my 8 months baby at lodi garden . Kindly contact me if feasible

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